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WebWork Series - Get Money by giving free things

Some months ago, we were involved in the development of a community web portal for writers, specifically aimed at Nigerian writers.

The site, Kpakpandu, was a bit of a challenge because the owners wanted each author to be able to generate income through google adverts. That is, each author would be able to make small money for writing on the website, so every article they churned would make money [as long as they activated the option of course].
After structuring the site, we realized that it was a tug of war between Joomla and Wordpress.
Here is our check list below:
SN Item Joomla 1.5 Wordpress
1 Creative License Y Y
2 Multiple Categories Y Y
3 Tag Cloud Y Y
4 Social Sharing Y Y
5 Author Profile Y Y
6 Who's Online Y Y
7 Mobile View/Template Y Y
8 Spam User Registration Control Y N
9 Shared Google Adsense for authors N Y
We realized that though Joomla 1.5 would do well for the site, it would not be able to achieve what the owners wanted. Wordpress on the other hand, would achieve it, but we were not familiar with the security extensions that would allow writers in and keep spammers out, in Wordpress.
Since that feature was important to them, we went with Wordpress.
Last week, the admin lady called, crying. Apparently weird characters that only wanted to market oil drums, or cable tv had started registering on the site. And the Ads were not even frequent enough. She wanted a stronger user registration manager, and she wanted to be sure the Ads would show for her authors.
Did I mention that the site was a non-profit? Yes, it was one of Daydah Concept's non-profit projects for 2011, so there was no way we would have justified looking up an experienced [interpret as expensive] programmer to come up with a solution for them.
So we went back to the drawing board.
And came out with Google Ads Author Revenue Share plugin!
Here is the description:
'Author Rev Share is a plugin designed to assist in sharing the google advert space on a community website. Every author on your site will make money from their articles simply by placing the plugin code within their content like this: {googlead publisher-id, slot-id} e.g. {googlead 4581***621914***, 769****435, 180, 150}.
You do not need any community extension like Jomsocial or Community Builder to use this extension - just install the plugin, enable it in Plugin Manager and you are good to go!
Author Rev Share was born out of a need to share revenue with other authors on a community website. Author Rev Share generates 100% revenue for each author!
Fantastic right?
And its Free! So anyone can use it and improve upon it!
Note: No, the topic isn't misleading. We just illustrated an example of how to get money by giving free things away: We created the non-profit site, which encourages multi-author blogging/writing, which generates traffic, which leads people to us at Daydah Concepts, and increases our traffic.
Oh, we put it up on Joomla's Extension Directory for other members to download and use. And named the publisher site as Daydah Concepts.
So we really are generating income - long term investment believe me.
Download Daydah's second Freebie here!

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