CoLab is having a Facebook Bot Party!

CoLab, the hub to be in Kaduna if you are interested in what's hot on the tech scene, is hosting a Facebook party. Just kidding. Its actually a Facebook Bot party, and its for developers and others who are interested in understanding Facebook's Bot Framework and how it works. There is a Facebook Bot Challenge ongoing, and we hear that prizes are up for grabs. CoLab is in Kaduna (duh!), but not to worry. The train express is so cool right about now! It will definitely be a fun trip to and fro for anyone going from Abuja. Date: March 25th, 2017. Interested? Curious? Then sign up via this form asap. See you there! We (at CoLab) are having a Facebook sponsored Bot Party on the 25th of March, to walk devs through Facebook's Bot Framework and encourage people to enter the Facebook Bot Challenge.