Joomla 3 vs Feeds

Since March, the feeds for our official Daydah Blog has not worked. We first discovered this when the Ironblogger network bot claimed we did not have a weekly post. Even though the post was visible to the human eye, the bot claimed there was no entry for the week. After several weeks of this issue, we were certain that the bot had it in for us. You see, the major rule of the Ironblogger network is that you either blog, or pay 5 euro. You could redeem yourself by doing a good deed and blogging about it, else you pay up. So for each week that the bot claimed we did not blog, we owed 5 euro, and converted to Nigerian Naira, that is no small amount. Add in all the stress of having no working laptop, or phone, and you get a tiny snip of the teacup tempest I have been going through. Well, I had to sort out my phone and laptop challenges, as they were on top of my priority list. Afterwards, I waded through the site, tinkling with the template set up to find out what could be wrong. It was not the template, as even the default Protostar did not work. Neither was it the feeds module. I tried adding the feed to Feedburner, and it was throwing errors there as well. Guess what it was? It was the SEF setting. Once I switched off the Search Engine Friendly, the feeds URL worked. So, if you ever have issues with your Joomla Feed, try switching off the SEF first. It may just solve your problem. Meanwhile, we have to amass about five good deeds to carry out, and blog about.